Color Baths

Color Baths

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Color bath is an easy and fun way to support your chakra health or to just soak in your favorite color. Each of the color baths vibrates at a different frequency giving it its own therapeutic experience. Each packet provides one color bath.

Use red for stimulation, self-confidence, and courage

Use orange for joy, playfulness, and emotional stimulation

Use yellow for focus, clarity, and mental stimulation. Also good for cleansing

Use green for peace, love, and relaxing soft energy

Use blue for communication, mental relaxation, and calming of the senses

Use indigo to connect to your intuition, enhance meditation, and increase psychic powers

Use violet for inspiration, to enhance artistic talent, and to connect to your higher self

Use pink for self-love, to comfort, and to assure peace of mind

Use turquoise to enhance expression and inspire balance